Learning Outcomes

You will need to provide ten (10) different sections, one for each student learning outcome (SLO) listed below.  You need to state the SLO and include a written reflection/rational for each SLO that illustrates how you know the competency has been met and explain what course assignments you have included in that section and why they are a good example for that particular LO.  You may choose to include the same assignment for more than one SLO if appropriate. ***Refer to your portfolio requirement grid for required artifacts.

  1. SLO #1: Synthesize empirical knowledge from nursing, religion, biological, social, and behavioral sciences, and humanities into the nursing practice. 
  2. SLO #2: Demonstrate safe and holistic nursing care within the legal and ethical framework of professional practice standards, derived from theory, practice, and research.
  3. SLO#3: Promote effective critical thinking skills and decision-making across the lifespan based upon evidence-based practice, scholarly research, and dissemination. 
  4. SLO#4: Integrate innovative healthcare technologies, information management and communication devices in the provision of high quality healthcare.
  5. SLO#5: Assess health of individuals, families, groups, communities, and diverse populations across the lifespans with a focus on health promotion, disease prevention, illness care, restoration, rehabilitation, health counseling, education, and spiritual care.
  6. SLO#6: Implement transcultural nursing care by examining cultural dynamics and global health issues to all clients across the lifespan to improve population healthcare outcomes.
  7. SLO#7: Utilize professional nursing roles with Christ-like compassion as a moral leader and patient advocate to meet changing healthcare needs.
  8. SLO#8: Generate inter-professional communication and collaboration skills with individuals, families, and multidisciplinary teams.
  9. SLO#9: Integrate leadership skills to impact healthcare organizations and management while influencing healthcare policies and finance, incorporating the systems approach.
  10. SLO#10: Practice a commitment to lifelong learning, professional development, spiritual growth, and active involvement in professional nursing organizat

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