Attendance Apps

This week I helped Dr. Helmer’s class learn how to use Prezi, but I learned about something too… iPad attendance apps! Dr. Helmer was using a free app called TeacherPal to take attendance. Dr. Helmer simply set up his iPad, which showed his students’ names and pictures. The students then came up one by one and, with one simple touch, recorded their attendance.

I soon found out that there are several attendance apps to choose from. Teacher Pal is free, but I liked the review for Attendance and the fact that it seemed more geared toward higher ed, so I decided to invest the $4.99. Like Teacher Pal, it allows you to create different classes, add students, and take their pictures. Default attendance options are present, absent, late, excused, and unknown. The app allows you to record notes about individual students and view/email reports. So far, it is working great. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a screenshot, and I can’t show you mine due to FERPA.

Speaking of FERPA, if you are keeping student information on your mobile device, make sure you password/passcode protect that device.

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