I was in a meeting with Lisa Ashby the other day and she mentioned that she couldn’t live without Okay, maybe it wasn’t quite that dramatic, but it was something to that effect! Anyway, I had never heard of GoodTodo, so I quickly checked it out… and I can see why she likes it so much.

GoodTodo is an online to-do list, but with a lot more functionality than others that you may have seen. First of all, you have the ability to create to-do’s for different days. So, I could create a to-do for today, but if I don’t have to do something until Friday, I could make it for Friday. If, however, I don’t check it off on Friday, it will roll over to the next day. That is pretty nifty, but by far the coolest thing about GoodTodo is that you can email to-do’s. This is a great way to keep your inbox cleaned out. Check out how it works:


GoodTodo is free for up to 10 to-do’s per day. If you are really busy and tend to have more to-do’s than that, you can upgrade for $3 per month. This will give you an unlimited amount of to-do’s and the ability to export your to-do list.

Oh, and for you iPhone users… yes, there is an app for that!

Thanks for the tip, Lisa!

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