Abstract Submission

For definitions of categories and types of presentations, please refer to the Information page. Before you submit your abstract, please be sure to have ready the following:

  1. Full names and email addresses of all presenters
  2. Full name and email address of your faculty advisor
  3. Title of presentation
  4. Short abstract (no more than 600 characters)
  5. Long abstract (optional; no character limit)
  6. Scheduling information of all presenters (You will be asked to provide the earliest time that you and/or your group can present on Monday April 22.)

Note: ONE registration must be completed for each individual presentation. ONE registration must be completed for a group presentation. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Brian Albright at brian.albright@cune.edu.

Submissions must be received by Monday April 8th.

Click here to submit your abstract.