4/22/24 | 2:30 pm – 7:00 pm

The 13th annual Concordia University Academic and Research Symposium gives CUNE students the opportunity to present their projects and research in an environment that promotes academic prowess, excellence in research, and passion for knowledge and learning. The 2024 Symposium will be held from 2:30 – 7:00 pm on Monday, April 22, 2024 in Dunklau Hall.


Empirical: Research will qualify as empirical if students personally, or as a team, have collected data or information through observation or direct sensory experience, analyzed data, and interpreted data in order to address specific research questions. Presentations should include information addressing: 1) a review of the literature, 2) research question(s) and/or hypothesis/hypotheses, 3) participants, 4) methods or procedures, 5) analysis, 6) results, and 7) discussion.

Non-Empirical: Research will qualify as non-empirical if the student has personally developed a thesis and has defended it using source texts and/or peer-reviewed research. This information should be seeking to add new insight to the topic area or field in which the thesis is founded.

Literature Review: Research will qualify as a literature review if a student has written a paper that reviews peer reviewed research articles on a specific topic that relates to his or her field of study.

Advanced Project: An advanced project requires substantial organization, research, and time committed, as deemed fit by the endorsing professor. This may include but is not limited to: course culminations and interdisciplinary studies.

Experiential Project: A project qualifies as experiential if the majority of the learning experience transpires in a location other than the traditional classroom (including online). The experience may include any of the following: learning through action, learning by doing, learning through experience, and learning through discovery and exploration. Examples would include (but not be limited to) service learning projects, mission trips, and internships.

Technology Integration Project: A project qualifies as a technology integration project if it is produced by, based on, or highlights a type of technology (i.e. I Movie; drone, GIS; Web Quest, etc.).


Oral Presentation: Students will present their research orally in front of two judges and session attendees. They will also utilize a PowerPoint during their presentation. They have a total of 15 minutes to present. Approximately 10 minutes should be used for speaking and the last five minutes should be used for questions from the audience and judges.

Poster Presentation: Students will prepare a poster containing information on their research. Posters will be displayed in the hallways of Dunklau Hall. Each poster session will last 1 hour. The student researchers will be available to discuss their research with judges and symposium attendees.

Students can present individually or as groups. One registration must be completed for each individual presentation. ONE registration will be completed for a group presentation.