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The Good Student

“The good student, then, ought to be humble and docile, free alike from vain cares and from sensual indulgences, diligent and zealous to learn willingly from all, to presume never upon his own knowledge, to shun the authors of perverse … Continue reading

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The Prince Must Read History

“As for intellectual training, the prince must read history, studying the actions of eminent men to see how they conducted themselves during war and to discover the reasons for their victories or their defeats, so that he can avoid the … Continue reading

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Teachers and Students

“Though I have spoken in some detail of the duties of the teacher, I shall for the moment confine my advice to the learners to one solitary admonishment, that they should love their masters [teachers] not less than their studies, and … Continue reading

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Luther, the Study of the Languages, and the Reformation

“I realize there has never been a great revelation of God’s Word unless God has first  prepared the way by the rise and flourishing of languages and learning, as though these were forerunners, a sort of [John] the Baptist.  Certainly … Continue reading

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Martin Luther on Preaching on Christ’s Passion & Death

“But someone might say, Are we to proclaim nothing but that Christ died for us? Isn’t it enough to preach about this one time only? I have heard it so often and know it so well. Answer: The Jews were required … Continue reading

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Aptitude gathers wisdom, memory preserves it.

“Those who work at learning must be equipped at the same time with aptitude and with memory, for those two are so closely tied together in every study and discipline that if one of them is lacking, the other alone … Continue reading

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True integration

“True integration will be achieved by true neighbors who are willingly obedient to unenforceable obligations.”  Martin Luther King, Jr., Strength to Love (Philadelphia  1963), p. 38.    

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Memory, identity and history

“Our memory is the thread of our personal identity; our memory liberates us from what Melanchthon, Luther’s colleague, called perpetual childhood.  Without our past we have no present or future.” Carter Lindberg, The European Reformations, 2nd Ed, p. 2 Lindberg … Continue reading

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My favorite quote about historians

“The historians, therefore, are the most useful people and the best teachers, so that one can never honor, praise, or thank them enough.” Martin Luther, “Preface to Galeatius Capella’s History,” Luther’s Works, Vol. 34, p. 276.

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