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She Has Talent without a Woman’s Weakness

“There are now many honorable ladies who surpass the daughters of Thomas More in all kinds of learning; but among them all the most shining star, not so much for the clarity of her mind as for the splendor of … Continue reading

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Early Elementary Teaching

“One must lead the child to declensions and to conjugations at the same time as he is learning his letters.  Because, from the fact that the same word changes case and gender, that the first syllables remain and that the … Continue reading

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Education as the remedy for evil

“People by nature possess many common vices.  We are born with a large measure of barbarity.  Historic periods, peoples, undertakings have, as well, their own characteristic false morality and each individual man is fashioned by his own peculiar nature.  Finally, … Continue reading

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History, politics, morals, and lawyers

“A lawyer is indeed unworthy of that title if he is ignorant of the things philosophers have established regarding the state and morals.  He should be removed from his post if he has not learned what his ancestors have done … Continue reading

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History and the education of youth

“But if the memory of antiquity attaches to any kind of man it is to magistrates, kings and princes regnant.  For them and their position it is necessary that they possess not only will and genius, but also the knowledge … Continue reading

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The Power of Learning

“For there is nothing more potent than learning.  It has the greatest potential both for harming and for helping man.  Many wise men have been nonchalant and contemptuous with impunity before the threats of kings and tyrants who could not … Continue reading

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Eloquent Piety

“We have stated that wise and eloquent piety is the goal of studies.  For it behooves all men to cultivate piety.  But the educated man is different from the unlearned in the following way: the former excels in reasoning and … Continue reading

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