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Contemplation, leisure, action, and bishops

“As for these three kinds of life, the life of leisure, the life of action, and the combination of the two, anyone, to be sure, might spend his life in any of these ways without detriment to his faith, and might thus attain … Continue reading

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Persevere in the study of literature

“To desert our studies shows want of self-confidence rather than wisdom, for letters do not hinder but aid the properly constituted mind which possesses them; they facilitate our life, they do not retard it.  Just as many kinds of food … Continue reading

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Devotion to the Subject

“Devotion to the subject is the one factor which inspires both sound learning and sound teaching.  If one is really keen on a discipline, one’s enthusiasm will usually communicate itself to the students.  Even if they do not share it … Continue reading

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