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He almost loved Luther

“I know of no one who loathes the ambition, the avarice, and the sensuality of the clergy more than I–both because each of these vices is hateful in itself and because each and all are hardly suited to those who … Continue reading

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Bringing Back What Happened

“It is a noble exercise to recount accurately the deeds of princes.  To do so is to consider generously all that is subject to time, to celebrate the dead, to entertain the living, and to set out a past life … Continue reading

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Transformed Noncorformity

“When an affluent society would coax us to believe that happiness consists in the size of our automobiles, the impressiveness of our houses, and the expensiveness of our clothes, Jesus reminds us, ‘A man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the … Continue reading

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Grammar is the Foundation

“From the first, stress must be laid upon distinct and sustained enunciation, both in speaking and and in reading.  But at the same time utterance must be perfectly natural; if affected or exaggerated the effect is unpleasing.  The foundation of … Continue reading

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Passion for Learning

“Let me, at the outset, begin with a caution.  No master can endow a careless and indifferent nature with the true passion for learning.  That a young man must acquire for himself.  But once the taste begins to develop, then … Continue reading

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