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Martin Luther on the Multiplication of Laws

“In the papacy we foolish saints added one ordinance to the other.  There were laws without number.  These only terrified the consciences and left people languishing with thirst.  The preachers only intensified the thirst.  This is inevitable.  The teachings of … Continue reading

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History, politics, morals, and lawyers

“A lawyer is indeed unworthy of that title if he is ignorant of the things philosophers have established regarding the state and morals.  He should be removed from his post if he has not learned what his ancestors have done … Continue reading

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Lawsuits and Admiration

“There are many types of cases which call for eloquence, and in our republic many young men have won praise by speaking before the jurors, before the people, and before the senate. But the greatest admiration is inspired in lawsuits.  … Continue reading

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Martin Luther on evil lawyers

“Lawyers’ craftiness is dangerous business.  A godly man ought to know the law only for the sake of defense, to enable him to understand and prevent the wicked tricks of the world….Other lawyers are godless; they seek only their own … Continue reading

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