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Family is the seed-bed of political community

“For since it is by nature common to all animals that they have a drive to procreate, the first fellowship exists within marriage itself, and the next with one’s children.  Then, there is the one house in which everything is … Continue reading

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Luther at the Diet of Worms

“To see excitement and dissension arise because of the Word of God is to me clearly the most joyful aspect of all in these matters.  For this is the way, the opportunity, and the result of the Word of God, … Continue reading

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Natural Fellowship

“Perhaps, though, we should examine more thoroughly what are the natural principles of human fellowship and community.  First is something that is seen in the fellowship of the entire human race.  For its bonding consists of reason and speech, which … Continue reading

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Wisdom, knowledge, and information

“The Eagle soars in the summit of Heaven, The Hunter with his dogs pursues his circuit. O perpetual revolution of configured stars, O perpetual recurrence of determined seasons, O world of spring and autumn, birth and dying! The endless cycle … Continue reading

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