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Reason and Wisdom

“The creature of foresight, wisdom, variety, keenness, memory, endowed with reason and judgement, which we call man, was created by the supreme god to enjoy a remarkable status.  Of all the types and species of living creatures he is the … Continue reading

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A Glorious and Everlasting Possession

“Every man who wishes to rise superior to the lower animals should strive his hardest to avoid living all his days in silent obscurity, like the beasts of the field, creatures which go with their faces to the ground and … Continue reading

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History as the Soul’s Path to Glory

“What guides and controls human life is man’s soul.  If it pursues glory by the path of virtue, it has all the resources and abilities it needs for winning fame, and is independent of fortune, which can neither give any … Continue reading

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Martin Luther on the Source of Reason and Intellect

“It is amazing that the evangelist St. John is able to discuss such sublime and weighty matters in such plain and simple language.  He wants to say the Son of God draws so close to men that He is their … Continue reading

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