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Philosophy as Obedience to the Divine

“Men of Athens, I honor and love you; but I shall obey God rather than you, and while I have life and strength, I shall never cease from the practice and teaching of philosophy, exhorting any one whom I meet … Continue reading

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Students of Wisdom

“Some of us are enslaved to glory, others to money.  But there are also a few people who devote themselves wholly to the study of the universe, believing everything else to be trivial in comparison.  These call themselves students of … Continue reading

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The Attack on Wisdom

“Do you think that this is the first time that Wisdom has been attacked and endangered by a wicked society?  Did I not often of old also, before Plato’s time, have to battle in mighty struggle with arrogant stupidity?  And … Continue reading

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Bernard’s Memoria

“Preserve without fail the memory of all those bitter things he endured for you, persevere in meditating on him and you in turn will be able to say: ‘My beloved is to me a little bunch of myrrh that lies … Continue reading

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Boethius on Good Fortune

“What I want to tell you is something wonderful, which makes it very difficult for me to put it into words.  For I think that ill fortune is better for men than good.  Fortune always cheats when she seems to … Continue reading

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