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Martin Luther on the Good Samaritan and Charity

“The fact is that wherever his [Christ’s] Word is welcomed and received in faith, it fashions people like the Samaritan here–gentle, compassionate, merciful people.  They cannot bear to see anyone suffering and when this happens they tender their own resources and … Continue reading

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Criminal gangs or kingdoms

“Remove justice, and what are kingdoms but gangs of criminals on a large scale? What are criminal gangs but petty kingdoms? A gang is a group of men under command of a leader, bound by a compact of association, in … Continue reading

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Avarice and Public Office

“No vice, therefore, is more foul than avarice….particularly among leading men and those who control public affairs.  For to use public affairs for one’s profit is not only dishonourable, but criminal and wicked too….There is nothing by which those in … Continue reading

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History and the education of youth

“But if the memory of antiquity attaches to any kind of man it is to magistrates, kings and princes regnant.  For them and their position it is necessary that they possess not only will and genius, but also the knowledge … Continue reading

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No Thanks from the World

“In great part we serve, teach, admonish, suffer, give consolation, and do things commanded by God for unworthy men.  Here we gain nothing for our services but hatred, envy, and exile; and our whole life is nothing else than the … Continue reading

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Lawsuits and Admiration

“There are many types of cases which call for eloquence, and in our republic many young men have won praise by speaking before the jurors, before the people, and before the senate. But the greatest admiration is inspired in lawsuits.  … Continue reading

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Eloquence and Wisdom

“It is a well known fact that ‘Eloquence without wisdom is futile.'(citing Cicero, Orator 4. 14) Whence it is clear that eloquence derives its efficacy from wisdom.  The utility of eloquence is, in fact, directly in proportion to the measure … Continue reading

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