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The Strongest Consolation

“Thus the most precious treasure and strongest consolation we Christians have is this: that the Word, the true and natural Son of God, became man, with flesh and blood like that of any other human; that He became incarnate for … Continue reading

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Career Advice from the Renaissance

“To decide which is the most suitable career to himself, a man must take two things into account: the first is his own intelligence, his mind and his body, everything about himself; and the second, the question requiring close considerations, … Continue reading

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Cicero on Just War

“Something else that must very much be preserved in public affairs is the justice of warfare.  There are two types of conflict: the one proceeds by debate, the other by force. Since the former is the proper concern of a … Continue reading

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Dr. Luther on War and Peace

“It is indeed a splendid and needful thing to build strong castles against one’s enemies; but that is nothing when compared with the work of a prince who builds a stronghold of peace, that is, loves peace and administers it. … Continue reading

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