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Unto Us A Child Is Born

“Show us, Lord, your mercy, cloaked in our misery and working the cure of the miserable by a new kind mercy drawn from our very misery. For this, the art of mercy, has blended God’s beatitude and man’s misery in … Continue reading

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Love and Rewards

“God is not loved without a reward, although he should be loved without regard for one.  True charity cannot be worthless, still, as ‘it does not seek its own advantage,’ it cannot be termed mercenary.  Love pertains to the will, … Continue reading

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Medieval Passover

“This holy festival, Pascha, is called a Passover because just as the Hebrew people were freed through the blood of the slaughtered lamb, from the angel, passing through Egypt for striking, so the faithful people are defended  through the blood … Continue reading

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Making Friends

“Next, at fixed hours time should be given to certain definite reading.  For haphazard reading, constantly varied and as if lighted upon by chance does not edify makes the mind unstable; taken into the memory lightly, it goes out from … Continue reading

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A Light to enlighten the Gentiles

“Could anyone hold up a lighted candle in his hands on this day without at once remembering that old man who on this same day took up in his arms Jesus, God’s Word, clothed in flesh like a candle-flame clothed … Continue reading

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