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The Importance of Speech

“The whole community of men, the method of organising life in public and in private, procuring everything by which we preserve life, and also all communication, are held together by speech.” Philip Melanchthon, “Praise of Eloquence,” in Orations on Philosophy … Continue reading

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Eloquence is worth the effort

“For eloquence is something altogether greater than a noisy mass of words.  But yet, I see the young fall into error; since they know neither the power nor the nature of eloquence, they do not consider it worth the effort … Continue reading

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Memory and Reason

“Memory is, as it were, the mind’s treasure chest, a sure and reliable place of safe-deposit for perceptions.  Reason, on its part, is that power of the soul which examines and investigates things that make an impression on the senses or intellect.” … Continue reading

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The Soul of a word

“A word’s force consists in its meaning.  Without the latter it is empty, useless, and (so to speak) dead.  Just as the soul animates the body, so, in a way, meaning breathes life into a word. Those whose words lack … Continue reading

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Eloquent Nonsense

“We must beware of the man who abounds in eloquent nonsense, and so much the more if the hearer is pleased with what is not worth listening to, and thinks that because the speaker is eloquent what he says must … Continue reading

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Eloquent Piety

“We have stated that wise and eloquent piety is the goal of studies.  For it behooves all men to cultivate piety.  But the educated man is different from the unlearned in the following way: the former excels in reasoning and … Continue reading

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Schools Preserve the Church

“When schools flourish, things go well and the church is secure. Let us make more doctors and masters.  The youth is the church’s nursery and fountainhead. When we are dead, where are others [to take our place] if there are … Continue reading

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