Swine for the Slaughter

“God gives the ungodly mighty kingdoms, riches, lands and houses, making them to enjoy greatness and abundance.  But when swine are fed and fat, the question of bacon and sausage introduces a struggle.  A slaughterer–a sausage-maker–appears, perchance, to slaughter the swine in their sty; one comes desolating the country, overthrowing the kingdom, destroying people and all: for desiring to be but swine, the people must be destroyed like swine.  Even though the world have [sic] personal knowledge of such, it continues its course so long as possible–until the slaughterer comes.  Swine remains swine; they are capable of standing ever unmoved by their trough, one perfectly indifferent if another be struck dead before its eyes.” Martin Luther, “Sermon for Tenth Sunday After Trinity,” in Sermons of Martin Luther, ed. and trans. John Nicholas Lenker, vol. 8 (Minneapolis: The Luther Press, 1909), p. 217.

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