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Luther on History as Example

“The renowned Roman Varro says that the very best way to teach is to add an example or illustration to the word, for they help one both to understand more clearly and to remember more easily.  Otherwise, if the discourse … Continue reading

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Philosophy, History and Eloquence

“For to the truly noble mind, and to those who are obligated to involve themselves in public affairs and human communities, knowledge of history and the study of moral philosophy are the more suitable subjects. The rest of the arts are called … Continue reading

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Parents, Education, the Church, and the State

“The right of the Church to have schools is entirely in concord with the right of parents to educate their children.  What is incumbent upon the parents in all questions of natural life is incumbent upon the Church with regard … Continue reading

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Luther on Writing

“Some think that the office of writer is simple and easy, that real work is to ride in armor and suffer heat, cold, dust, thirst, and other discomforts.  It is always the same old story: no one sees where the … Continue reading

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Humanity, Reason, and Education

“Nature, the mother of all things, has equipped brute animals with more means to fulfil the functions of their species; but to man alone she has given the faculty of reason, and so she has thrown the burden of human … Continue reading

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She Has Talent without a Woman’s Weakness

“There are now many honorable ladies who surpass the daughters of Thomas More in all kinds of learning; but among them all the most shining star, not so much for the clarity of her mind as for the splendor of … Continue reading

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Grammar is the Foundation

“From the first, stress must be laid upon distinct and sustained enunciation, both in speaking and and in reading.  But at the same time utterance must be perfectly natural; if affected or exaggerated the effect is unpleasing.  The foundation of … Continue reading

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Passion for Learning

“Let me, at the outset, begin with a caution.  No master can endow a careless and indifferent nature with the true passion for learning.  That a young man must acquire for himself.  But once the taste begins to develop, then … Continue reading

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Schools, Pastors, and Preachers

“Now I have preached and written a great deal urging that good schools should be established in the cities in order that we might produce educated men and women, whence good Christian pastors and preachers might come forth so that … Continue reading

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Medieval University Students

“They attend classes but make no effort to learn anything….Such are the limbs of Satan rather than of Christ….And these persons who go to a university but do not study cannot with clear consciences enjoy the privilege of the fruits … Continue reading

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