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Medieval University Students

“They attend classes but make no effort to learn anything….Such are the limbs of Satan rather than of Christ….And these persons who go to a university but do not study cannot with clear consciences enjoy the privilege of the fruits … Continue reading

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Obstacles to Study

“There are three things above all which ordinarily provide obstacles for the studies of students: carelessness, imprudence, and bad luck (fortuna).  Carelessness arises when we simply omit, or when we learn less carefully, those things which are there to be … Continue reading

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Rulers Must Not Ignore History

“He who diligently examines past events easily foresees future ones in every country and can apply to them the remedies used by the ancients or, not finding any that have been used, can devise new ones because of the similarity … Continue reading

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The Necessity of Historians

“Triumphal arches add to the glory of illustrious men only when the writing upon them informs in whose honor they have been reared, and why.  It is the inscription that tells the spectator that the triumphal arch is that of … Continue reading

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Encouraging zeal for inquiry

“Eagerness to inquire relates to practice and in it the student needs encouragement rather than instruction.  Whoever wishes to inspect earnestly what the ancients in their love of wisdom have handed down to us, and how deserving of posterity’s remembrance … Continue reading

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Early Elementary Teaching

“One must lead the child to declensions and to conjugations at the same time as he is learning his letters.  Because, from the fact that the same word changes case and gender, that the first syllables remain and that the … Continue reading

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Devotion to the Subject

“Devotion to the subject is the one factor which inspires both sound learning and sound teaching.  If one is really keen on a discipline, one’s enthusiasm will usually communicate itself to the students.  Even if they do not share it … Continue reading

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God never stops teaching

…and Christians never stop learning. “God Himself is not ashamed to teach these things daily.  He knows nothing better to teach.  He always keeps teaching the same thing and does not take up anything new or different.  All the saints … Continue reading

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Grades, Teaching and Learning

 This post differs from most of my posts here.  The quotes below are from a recent article from the Chronicle of Higher Education on the topic of grading and the college student. “Consider a car’s speedometer. It is a tool that performs … Continue reading

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History, politics, morals, and lawyers

“A lawyer is indeed unworthy of that title if he is ignorant of the things philosophers have established regarding the state and morals.  He should be removed from his post if he has not learned what his ancestors have done … Continue reading

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