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Indulgences and the Gospel

  “Works of piety and love are infinitely better than indulgences; and yet [the indulgence preachers] do not preach them with an equally big display and effort.  What is even worse, [the preachers] are silent about them because they have … Continue reading

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Unknowingly Righteous

“For inasmuch as the saints are always aware of their sin and seek righteousness from God in accord with His mercy, for this very reason they are always also regarded as righteous by God.  Thus in their own sight and … Continue reading

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Martin Luther on the Good Samaritan and Charity

“The fact is that wherever his [Christ’s] Word is welcomed and received in faith, it fashions people like the Samaritan here–gentle, compassionate, merciful people.  They cannot bear to see anyone suffering and when this happens they tender their own resources and … Continue reading

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